Xevv (xevv) wrote in the_hat_club,

Hi there, first post.

I actually own a lot of really eccentric hats, a lot of which I make myself.

*wipes sweat off of forehead* I spent all day making this hat (and the pin, too). I'm really proud of it, it's a lot different than my other hats that I've made so far, and I think I'm going to keep making them in this style. What do you guys think? I put a link to my etsy store in the photo in case anyone is interested in buying this or any other hats I make.

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I love all kinds of hats, cloches, berets, and tricorns being my favorite, though I do love biker-chic gestappo leather hats as well as newsboys. I live in Baltimore and go to college as an illustration major. My favorite band is Rasputina/Dead Can Dance/Nightwish etc. and my favorite movie is Orlando. Nice meeting you all!
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